How to Prevent Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Water and wood never mix. When water drips or floods on a wooden floor, wood absorbs moisture into the holes, permanently damaging wood and causing deformation and discoloration. Here are some tips about how to prevent hardwood floor water damage.

Save your hardwood floor:

  • The first way to prevent your hardwood water damage is by knowing the risk and by finding out why. Common leaks include pipe failures, appliance leaks, and pipe damage. When you find a leak, make every effort to stop it. Turn off the water supply in your office to temporarily stop the leak. If removing leaks is beyond your building improvement experience, consider the services of a leak repair technician or plumber.
  • Make sure you keep your hardwood floors dry. In the case that you have water on the floor, first absorb all visible water. Then, air the parts well and dry them. Turn on the air supply at its fullest speed, open the doors and windows, and install ceiling fans near the site. If you think there is already some sort of softening of the hardwood floor, consider buying or renting a fan to just place above the damaged the area.
  • Rugs may provide safety to hardwood floors (keeping in mind that wet rugs can turn moldy)
  • The moisture in the room should be balanced. In summer, the weather is warmer than usual, and winter is drier than normal. Since both moisture and dry air affect wood, humidifiers need to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Keep your hardwood clean. Sometimes dirt and bacteria on the floor can also cause damp mold which is never good for the health of your commercial building occupants.

    We can save you from water damage:

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