Every commercial property owner should be prepared for anything and everything. All bad things in life come uninvited. They happen and say “Hello” when we least expect them to. One of the first things that may come to mind are disasters – and here, we refer to natural disasters.

Ask yourself this question as your reading this “do you think your business is ready to go through a catastrophe with a smiling face?” If you find yourself nodding your head sideways, then it means that your employees aren’t ready either.

Don’t be one of those commercial business owners that ends up regretting their low level of precautions. It is time to make your business game strong and pass your competitors by running like Sonic. Let’s take a look at some disaster preparation tips– because if you won’t then who would?

· Keep a check on emergency communication, shelter and routes:

Make sure your business isn’t left out when it comes to facing disasters. It is essential for every business to have an emergency communication plan where they can inform their vendors, suppliers and other people involved.

Do you have routes and shelters prepared in case of disasters? It is always better to prearrange getting everybody from your office to a sheltered place beforehand. You should always be prepared.

·   All backed up – keep your data safe

Make sure your business data is backed up – and no disaster can harm it any way. Maintain records and reports which are fundamental for core business capacities and store them in the cloud. You don’t want to be one of those people who holds up until a catastrophe strikes their business and then think about the information that isn’t backed up.

·   Determine your top risks:

It is better to keep an eye on the possible risk factors your business might have when it comes to disasters. For example, how will a shutdown to your IT department affect your business? If majorly, then it is better to have evacuation procedures in place where you can continue your operations when the disaster strikes.

Be smart when it comes to the care of your business. Conducting earthquake and flooding evaluation are way better than seeing your business drown before your eyes.

·    Insurance. I repeat, Insurance:

Disasters can occur at any time. It is always better to be prepared than to regret. Go have that hour-long conversation with your agent and know the details of your insurance policies. Is water damage cleanup covered? And what about that fire damage?

Make sure you survey your recovery documentation on a quarterly basis with division heads. A Pre-Loss Agreement is very helpful in this situation. Recovery plans are vital tools. It is your duty as a commercial property business owner to ensure that division heads audit and practice recovery plans techniques with their groups, so everyone is well-prepared.

We are ready for Action:

One of the best ways to act quickly in the case of a natural disaster is to have the experts on hand syou can simply make the call once it occurs. You can do this by signing a pre-loss agreement with Armor Environmental Solutions — Allowing us to act fast and helping your business get up and running ASAP.

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